colourful painting with reflections in metallic bowl

Still life with artist’s reflection in a metallic bowl


colourful painting with reflections in metallic bowl

Still Life painting with artist’s reflection in a metallic bowl

Painting from life is a thrilling experience. This is the first time I have painted a metallic bowl and you can see my reflection in it.

I keep admiring things all around all the time whether travelling or at home. The petals of flowers, colours of foliage, flowers on the trees, light and dark patches of green fields, mountain ranges,  sunlit snow capped peaks and so on. The inspiration for this painting came from an unusual source.

As I was looking around the house for inspiration, I felt like painting a bowl. Painting a bowl is close to my flower vases. But which bowl to paint; a bone china one, a crystal one or a glass one? I thought that nothing would reflect better than a metallic one. I have placed fruits with flowers in couple of previous still life paintings but never painted vegetables ever. This was an experiment that I was conducting for the first time. I put together colourful vegetables available at that moment and placed everything on a yellow cutting board on my painting table. I filled up the bowl with tomatoes. Juggled around a bit to place capsicum, onion and brinjal around the bowl. Finally I was happy with my composition and started painting.

The arrangement was placed next to my palette. I was looking down on the arrangement from right hand side. Light was shining on the objects from the window on the left. There were so many reflections in the metallic bowl. I noticed so many colours in ordinary onion. It’s outer peel towards the left added another dimension to the composition. The copper bottomed bowl shows the reflections of three vegetable pieces placed around it. It also shows the reflection of yellow cutting board. I am also there. I had not thought about it before the start of the painting process, otherwise another colour could have been added to the composition with the change of dress. This being my first attempt at painting metallic bowl, I kept looking at it again and again to determine whether the colour was white, cream, dark blue, brown, black or dark green in various parts. The rim has so many colours.

This is an alla prima painting. I forgot to take the pictures before the start of painting. I took a few after I finished painting but none reflects the angle from which I was looking. I am happy with the end result. I am amazed that beauty can be found in such mundane things. The only concern is ‘How will it look on my Facebook page (Paintings by Navdeep Kular) and  Instagram feed(@navdeepkular_oilpaintings) with all the floral paintings? Should I even post it there?’ What do you say? As of now, this unique painting catches attention while drying  with floral paintings all around it.

Happy browsing!

floral painting Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase

Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase

Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase is an original oil painting. The magic of RYB has helped me mix numerous colours which have been used in this painting.

The crystal vase is placed on a wooden oval table. The edges of the table and those of the window sill and the boundary wall provide depth to the painting. Grey clouds are visible in the sky outside. The dark curtain provides a backdrop to the flower arrangement. The light and shadows on the vase along with the stems of the flowers give vase its shape and character.

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floral painting Poppies in my Garden 2 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (18H X 12W in)

Poppies in my Garden


Poppies in my Garden 2 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (18H X 12W in)

Poppies in my Garden 2

How individual flowers have a character, personality and aroma of their own? The folding and unfolding of petals, covered and exposed stamens and tilting of heads of few flowers. Poppies in my Garden 2 is an attempt to explore these differences and depict them through a medium of oil painting.

Poppies in my Garden 2 is a sequel to the previous poppy painting. Both oil paintings have five flowers in them. The shape of the flowers is different in this sequel and they  have been painted from a different angle. The stems are more visible. The buds add drama to the composition. The white and red flowers in the background add the required depth to the painting. There is more light on the flowers that is causing the stamens to be white in colour as compared to yellowish ones in the previous painting.

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floral painting Red hot poppies original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Poppies in my Garden


Red hot poppies oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Poppies in my Garden 1


The papery petals of poppies change colour as they reflect light. Pictures from the garden served as useful guide for this painting. Poppies with few their petals present an opportunity to  any artist learning to paint flowers. As skill level enhances, more and more layers of petals can be added.

Poppies in my Garden 1 is an original oil painting. It is a bright painting of five poppy flowers. I particularly like this painting because of the orange shine on the petals caused by sunlight. It also has well defined stamens in the lighted area. Another highlight of this oil painting is the background white and red flowers that give depth to the painting. The shades of blue on the lower right hand side depict shadows caused by the flowers.

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Sunflowers in a Blue Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase is an original oil painting. The bright, cheerful disposition of sunflowers brings sunshine in our lives.

I have experimented with mixes of cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, viridian hue, crimson lake and titanium white in this painting. All the yellows; lemon, ochre, chrome and cadmium along with tinges of reds and whites have been used for the flowers.

I hope viewing this painting brings sunshine in your life!

floral painting Roses de Nice on a Table Ode to Fantin

Roses de Nice on a Table

Roses de Nice on a Table  is Henri Fantin-Latour’s painting that adorns the wall of National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. I was fortunate to visit it within few weeks of viewing the paintings in National Gallery in London. That gave a whole new perspective to appreciate paintings of famous artists in two of the major art galleries of the world across continents.

The Dutch and Flemish galleries  were very impressive. In the French galleries it was a surreal experience to be amongst some of the most celebrated works of Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Fantin-Latour in the West building and that of Matisse and Picasso in the East building. The gallery also presented an opportunity to appreciate the works of great American, Italian and Spanish artists.

Roses de Nice on a Table Ode to Fantin

Roses de Nice on a Table

Once again, I have chosen to paint roses. What better choice could be there than to paint Fantin’s roses. Roses de Nice on a Table is a painting from the French Gallery. The title of the painting is attributed to French city of Nice situated in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.  So here I present my attempt at Roses de Nice on a Table. There is one red rose among the white, pink and yellow roses. As with ‘A Basket of Roses’, this painting too has a number of leaves. While painting, I always wonder how the white roses have tinges of red, yellow and blue in them.

Happy viewing!

floral painting The Rosy Wealth of June (18H X 12W in)Ode to Fantin

The Rosy Wealth of June

The Rosy Wealth of June is Henri Fantin-Latour’s painting that adorns the wall of National Gallery in London. In this painting the artist has painted late summer blooms. The painting’s title was probably chosen to appeal to English patrons who outnumbered the ones in his own country during his lifetime. The sharpness in floral and still life paintings of Fantin matches that of Dutch and Flemish old masters.

The Rosy Wealth of June (18H X 12W in)Ode to Fantin

The Rosy Wealth of June

Here is my ode to the great master. The crystal vase, the bunch of flowers and leaves, all presented a challenge to amateur artist like me. One by one, I started tackling the issues. The flowers required highlights day after day as the layers of oil paint dried. The vase had to depict the shadows and light at various places along with stems of the flowers it holds.

The dark green foliage gives depth to the painting. Many mixes of blues and yellows were used to create various shade of green. Both cadmium and lemon yellow were used along with a tinge of blue  and lots of white in yellow roses. The red ones have crimson lake with blue for the darkest tone, then a mix of cadmium red and crimson lake followed by little yellow and white with red for the highlights.

Happy viewing!

floral painting A Basket of Roses (8H X 12W in) Ode to Fantin

A Basket of Roses

Ever since I saw this painting in the National Gallery, London, I have been wanting to paint it. It is my tribute to the great artist Henri Fantin-Latour whose flower paintings are a treat to watch.

A Basket of Roses (8H X 12W in) Ode to Fantin

A Basket of Roses

There have been Dutch and Flemish old masters whose floral paintings too, adorn museums around the world. Van Huysum, Heade and Jan Bruguel are some of the famous old masters who created realistic paintings of flowers and were patronised by the high and mighty of their times. The vases with flowers of various seasons combined together on mostly marble table tops are the highlight of their paintings.

My personal liking is for Fantin’s paintings. The compositions, lighting and realism are all eye catching.

A Basket of Roses has pink, red, yellow, white and peach roses, all put together in a basket in an attractive manner. The roses toppled over on the table create a flow in the painting. While painting, I realised how many leaves were there along with the roses.

Happy viewing!

floral painting Pink Roses in a Rose Bush original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The English Rose Vines

The rose vine with roses laden all over depicts the abundance of nature. The English roses have soft petals and glow like diamonds on a sunny day. Rose Vine 1 oil painting has an appealing one-three-four-four-one rose composition, slightly tilted towards the right.

Pink Roses in a Rose Bush oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Rose Vine 1

The multi layered roses blossom with all their beauty. Many petals shine in the sun and become almost translucent. The roses are surrounded with leaves, big and small, all around in different directions. Varying colours of green in different layers provide the thick foliage and give three dimensional look. The roses become more prominent with the highlighting of few leaves. The textured cream panels of the background contrast the dark green foliage.  The worn out panels give the artist opportunity to play around with colours. The settings provides rustic charm and blends with nature.

Rose Vine 2 Roses oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Rose Vine 2

The joy of painting a rose vine was too much to be given up after one painting.  So, Rose Vine 2 was created as a sequel with a different setting. This painting is unique with bunches of rose buds  and roses that signify continuity of life. Abundance is the common theme in both the paintings.

I hope you have as much joy looking at these paintings as I had while painting.

floral painting Pink Roses and Rose buds in a Turquoise Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Pink Roses in a Turquoise Vase

Pink Roses and Rose buds in a Turquoise Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Pink Roses in a Turquoise Vase

For a while I had been thinking about painting flowers in a turquoise vase. I had painted red, blue, green and glass vases in the past but never a turquoise vase.  The colour evokes mystery and is appreciated only by discerning viewers. Others just categorise it as a general blue colour. In a painting, light changes the basic colour and makes the vase more interesting.  

Which flowers to paint? Roses were uppermost in my mind. Next, the decision was to be made about the colour of the flowers. The white flowers would go best with the turquoise vase. For a moment, I visualised white lilies in a vase. Then thought about white roses with various hues of yellows and pinks in the petals. But white flowers would shine only on a dark background and I was not in a mood to paint dark background. Most of the roses I had recently painted were in tones of vermillion hue. So thought of using crimson lake with its varying hues, values and tints. The buds which I painted in the end fascinated me the most. Each one is placed at a different angle and is of different size. They serve as eye magnets to bring the attention to the central rose flower. Enjoyed the challenge of painting a sheer table cloth with few petals scattered around.

floral painting Love is in the air red rose oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The Magic of RYB


RYB denotes the three phases of electric current that was learnt in college. Nature combines primary colours into millions of hues to enchant us. From engineering drawing to free brush strokes with oil paints on canvas, it has been a long and eventful journey. Enjoying every moment of it.

Love is in the air

Love is in the Air

Red roses symbolise love. ‘Love is in the Air’ is an oil painting on canvas that depicts the intricacies of a loving relationship. The petals overlap and create a mystery. The nature’s beauty is captured by the formation of a heart at the centre of the flower.


Sun powers the universe. Sunflowers absorb this energy and exhibit the vibrancy of nature. ‘Sunflowers 1’ and ‘Sunflowers 2’ paintings are a salute to this mighty power of nature.

Blue Iris (18.2H X12.2W X 0in)
Blue Iris

Blue Irises have been painted since time immemorial. This ‘Blue Iris’  painting has a flower with two buds and showcases the various hues of blue.

The Magic of RYB shall unfold with each post on this site.