Ever since I first saw tulips in England, I have been enamoured by the beauty of this flower. The reference pictures of colourful tulips clicked at different locations serve as a  quick guide during painting sessions. I have been painting tulips from very early on in my compositions.

Tulips in a Ceramic Vase

Tulips in a Ceramic Vase oi painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Ceramic Vase

The main flowers in this painting are the red tulips surrounded by yellow and blue flowers. I enjoyed painting the ceramic vase in this painting as much as the tulips. I am amazed at how vividly I remember the emotions during the creation of each of these paintings.

I repainted the flowers in this painting and now it looks like this

Tulips oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Ceramic Vase

Next tulip painting was Tulip Garden.

Tulip Garden 2 by Navdeep Kular

Tulip Garden 2

Tulip Garden was painted to understand the shape and character of tulip flowers. The paint and brush just flowed in this painting. I like orange, pink, peach, mauve and yellow tulips coming together as a single whole in this composition. This painting used to be the first thing I would paint in the morning. It may seem strange but it is true. I realised how much joy a hobby can provide.

Tulip Garden1 red tulips oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulip Garden1

Tulip Garden 1 is a recent painting in the tulip series. After painting many tulips, I am able to depict the various shapes, sizes and forms of tulips. The red tulips are bright and vibrant and seem to be popping out against the thick leafy background.

Roses, tulips and daffodils in a glass vase

In this painting, I had painted tulips for the first time. What sets this painting apart from others is that roses, tulips, daisies and daffodils are placed together in a glass jar. The painting has been transformed recently into a vibrant painting. More depth has been added to the painting. The shape of some flowers has been altered to incorporate a three dimensional effect. Two of the poppies in the original painting have been changed into tulips. The whites of the daisies have many more colours now.

Tulips in a vase red tulips oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Vase

Tulips in a Vase has a distinct character. The backdrop is different from the previous paintings. The edges of the window sill and the scene beyond create depth in the painting. The foliage, waterbody and trees outside provide the background scenery. The curtain in the background and tablecloth provide an opportunity to paint folds through a mix of multiple colours.

Tulips in a Crystal Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Crystal Vase 

Tulips in a Crystal Vase

Tulips in a Crystal Vase is an original oil painting. A triangular vase has been painted in this composition, although only one face is visible. As the crystal objects have numerous edges, these shine with different intensity as the light falls on them. An attempt has been made to capture this property of material. The window shows the view outside and creates depth in the painting. Tulips merrily swing to the sides. The green foliage provides a contrast to the flowers. Similar is the effect of crystal vase on a dark table top.

And then tulips were painted in a deeper colour.

Tulips oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Crystal Vase

Another painting with tulips

And still, there is lots more to come…