#110 Tulips in a Ceramic Vase (20H X 16W in )

floral painting Tulips in a Ceramic Vase (20H X 16W in )oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Tulips in a Ceramic Vase

Oil on Canvas
(20H X 16W in)
Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular
Tulips and daisies have been painted in a Ceramic Vase. The rounded shapes of the tulips is evident in this painting. The ceramic jug has hues of grey on the side and is lighter in the centre. This gives it a rounded shape. The handle of the jug is in an inverted S shape. The blue pottery pattern is painted on the jug.
In this mixed flowers bouquet, tulips catch the eye because of red colour and the triangular composition they have been placed in. The yellow, blue and white flowers provide a good contrast to the red tulips.
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