The beauty of rose flower is legendary. It has been etched in the pages of time by numerous poets, sculptors and artists in various mediums. I have tried to exhibit the beauty of roses through oil paintings. Some paintings are of single rose flower while others show a bunch of roses. Some roses are in vases of different colours, materials and shapes. Two paintings are of rose vines full of roses and rose buds. The highlights on petals of roses and vases show the effect light has on flowers and various materials.

Peach Roses in a Blue Vase

Pink Roses in a Vase

Still Life with Red Roses

Mini Rose Paintings

Peonies and Roses in a Vase

The Wedding Bouquet

Yellow Roses in a Crystal Vase

Red Roses in a Crystal Vase

Pink Roses in a Crystal Vase

The Rosy Wealth of June

Pink Roses in a Turquoise Vase

A Basket of Roses

Roses de Nice on a Table

The English Rose Vines

Mauve Roses

Red Roses in a Green Vase

Roses in a Red Vase

Roses in a Blue Vase

floral painting Pink Roses in a Rose Bush original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The English Rose Vines

The rose vine with roses laden all over depicts abundance of nature. The English roses have soft petals and glow like diamonds on a sunny day. This painting has an appealing one-three-four-four-one rose slightly tilted towards the right adding drama to the composition.

floral painting A Basket of Roses (8H X 12W in) Ode to Fantin

A Basket of Roses

Ever since I saw this painting in the National Gallery, London, I have been wanting to paint it. It is my tribute to the great artist Henri Fantin-Latour whose flower paintings are a treat to watch.

floral painting Roses de Nice on a Table Ode to Fantin

Roses de Nice on a Table

Roses de Nice on a Table is Henri Fantin-Latour’s painting that adorns the wall of National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

The Wedding Bouquet oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The Wedding Bouquet

Paintings immortalise moments, feelings, experiences and places. The emotional connect makes a particular painting special. It gives us a chance to relive the past innumerable times and provides joy for ever.

floral painting Mauve Roses original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Mauve Roses

Mauve Roses is a study of light and shadows which give depth to the painting. Roses have been placed in various positions.