Chrysanthemums in a Ceramic Vase

After painting roses for days together, I was looking for a different flower to paint. I came across a painting by  Henri Fantin-Latour of chrysanthemums in yellow colour. I instantly liked the bright yellow flowers and the composition of the painting. I felt like painting bright yellow chrysanthemums after pale roses for weeks. That is how the decision to paint chrysanthemums was made.

Chrysanthemums in a Ceramic Vase (18H X 12W in) Ode to Fantin

Chrysanthemums in a Ceramic Vase

This is how the painting has turned out. The layers of petals of the flowers took time to paint. Various mixes of cadmium, lemon and ochre yellow with tinges of reds, blues and whites were used to get the various values, hues, tints, tones and shades of flowers. The more I painted, the more I appreciated the great artist’s brushstrokes and nuances in the rendition. I changed the background from the original and added more texture to it. Also the blue  painting on the ceramic vase is different.

Happy viewing!