Red Roses in a Crystal Vase

Red Roses in a Crystal Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Red Roses in a Crystal Vase

The only way to master something is to do it over and over again. This painting is an attempt to paint the roses better and to show the reflection in a crystal vase.

Roses have been painted using mixes of vermilion hue, crimson lake, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow and titanium white. The crystal vase shows patches of light reflecting on its surface. Also visible are the shadows cast by the flowers and foliage on the vase. The refracted stems of roses and water are visible in the vase. It’s rim shines with light falling on it.

The edges of the wooden cabinet on which the flower arrangement is placed provide depth to the painting. The background colours are complementary to those of the roses. Ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, crimson lake, cadmium yellow and flake white have been used for the background.

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