The papery petals of poppies change colour as they reflect light in the following oil paintings.  The pictures from the garden served as useful guide for the paintings. Poppies with their few petals are a useful starting point for any artist learning to paint flowers. As the skill level enhances, more and more layers of petals can be added.

Poppies in my Garden by Navdeep Kular

Poppies in my Garden

I particularly like Poppies in my Garden 1 because of the orange shine on the petals caused by sunlight. It also has well defined stamens in the lighted area. Another highlight of this oil painting is the background white and red flowers that give depth to the painting. The shades of blue on the lower right hand side depict shadows caused by the flowers.

Poppies in my Garden 2 is a sequel to the previous one. Both oil paintings have five flowers in them. The shape of the flowers is different in this sequel and they  have been painted from a different angle. The stems are more visible. The buds add drama to the composition. The white and red flowers in the background add the required depth to the painting. There is more light on the flowers that is causing the stamens to be white in colour as compared to yellowish ones in the previous painting.

A Pair of Poppies 1 by Navdeep Kular

A Pair of Poppies 1

A Pair of Poppies1 has two poppy flowers where the depth of the flowers has been well defined through mix of vermillion hue, crimson lake, cadmium yellow and flake white. The orange and pink hues on the lower flower gives us combination of colours that exist in nature. The cupped flower causes shadows on it own petals and the effect has been well recorded. The surrounding flowers act as eye magnets and bring the focus back to the main flowers. The background’s colour is complimentary and the wavy effect is visible.

A Pair of Poppies 2 oil painting by Navdeep Kular

A Pair of Poppies 2

A Pair of Poppies 2 has been painted to show how flowers of the same colour look very different at different times of the day. The surroundings also alter the appearance of flowers. In this painting light adds a dark pinkish tinge to the flowers. The shape of the flowers is very different from the ones in the previous painting. Each painting is unique and I enjoy this novelty.

A Pair of Poppies 3 by Navdeep Kular

A Pair of Poppies 3

A Pair of Poppies 3 gives a close up look of the poppies. These poppies have multiple layers of petals curled in different ways and a bud at the top. The exuberance is visible in the blossoms. The mix of colours in the petals depict the lighted and the shaded areas. The folds on the edges of the petals are caused by light and dark colours. The change of brushstrokes defines the shape of petals and shows whether a petal is rising upwards or curling downwards. The shades of green vary from yellowish to bluish at different areas of the background.

Floral oil painting

Poppies oil painting

This is an artistic depiction of poppies. The 3D effect is quite prominent in these petals. Although the painting is heavily tilted towards the warm colours, it is pleasing to the eye. The background texture and effects compliment the wavy red flowers. The ivory black which has been sparingly used in the lower half contrasts the bright red.

Oil painting Poppies by Navdeep Kular

Poppies Study Maz Art (Sold)

I liked the placement of flowers in this painting and tried my hand at painting this. The shades of yellow in the leaf, the two half opened flowers and the multiple layers of poppies, everything in this painting seeks attention.

Oil painting of Red and Yellow Poppies in a Vase

Poppies in a Vase Ode to Gary Jenkins

This oil painting is the result of my practice sessions. It was after many tries that I was able to make the poppies. The cool background provides a balance to the warm colours of red and yellow poppies and the red vase. I liked the red vase the most in this painting.

Poppy flowers oil painting

Poppy Garden

Poppy Garden painted in 2011, is one of my earliest poppies oil painting. I tired to depict the various fold in the petals of poppies. One must have at least three shades of different colour mixes to paint a flower and give it depth. I also learned about how a flower can look very different when seen from different angles. Tried to paint blue flowers also from different angles.

Sunlit Poppies red poppies oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Sunlit Poppies

Sunlit Poppies depict the extreme change of colour on the petals caused by light. How the red colour can change into peach and yellow and white amazed me. The light also causes the stems, buds and stamens to be well defined. The thick growth of poppies is visible in this painting.