#137 Himalayan Landscape (11H X 14W)

Snowclad Himalayan Range oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Himalayan Landscape

Oil on Canvas
11H X14W
Himalayan landscape oil painting by Navdeep Kular
Himalayas are home to some of the highest and most picturesque mountain peaks in the world. These mighty mountains have been the source of inspiration for many writers, artists, mountaineers, and leaders from around the world. Himalayas have been the abode of many saints and rishis. The beauty and serenity of its mountain ranges is unmatched in the world. The altitude of Himalayas tests the endurance of human beings.
Himalayan landscape is an original oil painting depicting the serene snow clad peaks of the majestic Himalayas. The water gushing down these mighty peaks creates a music of its own. The water picks up the colour of mountains, rocks, foliage, sky and sand as it makes its way forward. The sunlight plays hide and seek on the grasslands and sandy patches next to the water. I particularly liked depiction of melting ice and variety of earthy tones in this painting.
Happy viewing!

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