floral painting Love is in the air red rose oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The Magic of RYB


RYB denotes the three phases of electric current that was learnt in college. Nature combines primary colours into millions of hues to enchant us. From engineering drawing to free brush strokes with oil paints on canvas, it has been a long and eventful journey. Enjoying every moment of it.

Love is in the air

Love is in the Air

Red roses symbolise love. ‘Love is in the Air’ is an oil painting on canvas that depicts the intricacies of a loving relationship. The petals overlap and create a mystery. The nature’s beauty is captured by the formation of a heart at the centre of the flower.


Sun powers the universe. Sunflowers absorb this energy and exhibit the vibrancy of nature. ‘Sunflowers 1’ and ‘Sunflowers 2’ paintings are a salute to this mighty power of nature.

Blue Iris (18.2H X12.2W X 0in)
Blue Iris

Blue Irises have been painted since time immemorial. This ‘Blue Iris’  painting has a flower with two buds and showcases the various hues of blue.

The Magic of RYB shall unfold with each post on this site.