#96 Peony Garden 1 (11H X 14W)

floral painting Peony Garden 1 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (11H X 14W)

Peony Garden 1 (Sold)

Oil on Canvas
(11H X 14W)
Original Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular
While walking down the street one day in Halifax, I noticed white peonies blooming in all their glory. The landscape was so beautiful that I kept on admiring it for a while. The urge to capture the moment overtook me. The source pictures resulted in two paintings.
I am indebted to family and friends who fulfil my requests for taking pictures of flowers all the time. The pictures of flowers serve as useful study material. The paintings are never the exact replica of photographs.
I always wonder at the diversity of flora and fauna. How best things in nature are there for all of us to see and appreciate. In the humdrum of daily life, we are always short of time to take a pause and soak it all in.

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