Daffodils Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular

Daffodils in a Blue Jug

Springtime gives an opportunity to paint different flowers. Mother earth is decorated with flowers of various colours, textures and sheens. I have been busy soaking in as much beauty of nature as possible. Spent the time admiring flowers and foliage. The different shapes and colours of leaves too intrigue me. The flowering trees add their own persona to the landscape. Tried to capture as many pictures as possible. Many memories of beautiful landscapes are embedded deep in the mind. They periodically come out in the form of paintings. I wanted to paint a blue jug and thought daffodils would go well with it. So here is the end result.

Daffodils Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular


Placed the composition by the window side on a wooden cabinet. Mixed ultramarine blue with crimson lake to paint the shadow side of the jug. For the base added a little bit of cobalt blue. With highlights and shine on the jug was able to define its roundness. Experimented with a few colours for the wooden cabinet and ultimately settled with the present one. Painted the lacy mat underneath the jug. The dark background compliments the light flowers.

Named this painting Serenity. Hope you like it.

floral painting Roses, Tulips and Daffodils in a Glass Vase (22H X 15W in) oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Roses, Tulips and Daffodils in a Glass Vase


Roses, tulips and daffodils have been painted in a glass vase. The two images above show how an oil painting can be transformed. More depth has been added in the painting using various tones, tints, values and hues to depict the lit and shadow areas of flowers.

The shape of some flowers has been varied to incorporate the three dimensional effect. Two of the poppies in the original painting have been transformed into tulips. The foliage has been redone. The whites of the daisies have many more colours now.

The vase has been placed on a table. The transparent glass vase and the dark wood table provide a contrast in the painting. The background colour has been changed. The colour of the table and the background is visible through the glass vase. All this has resulted in a vibrant painting.

Happy browsing!

floral painting Daffodils in a Blue Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Daffodils in a Vase

This is the story of transformation of Daffodils painting. As I painted more and more, I began to notice many things in this particular painting that needed fixing. This is how the transformation of daffodils started.

The difference in the two paintings is obvious. More depth was added to all the flowers in the painting. The transformed painting has very little pure white in the white daffodils. Yellows and reds were added on the light side and blues and violets were added to the whites on the darker side. Titanium white, flake white and zinc white with their different properties were used for various flowers. Zinc white was used on translucent petals. Flake white was used on the thick petals. For the yellow daffodils, mixes of cadmium yellow, chrome yellow and lemon yellow with other colours were used.

The edges of the petals have lighter colour which gradually get darker towards the centre. The hollows of the centres are of deeper colour with the rims having different hues on the light and shadow side. As a result, the centres of the daffodils became more prominent.

Next, more layers of petals were added to the blue flowers. The leaves and the background was touched upon. The shape of the vase was rounded. The light side was made blue and violet was added to the shadow side. Light shining on the vase was depicted with a white brushstroke on the vase. This added more roundness to the vase.

Learning from this exercise was that review and reflection always leads to results.

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