Still Life with Cherries

For a while I have been thinking about painting cherries. Following are some of the compositions in which cherries have been placed in various bowls for painting. Some of the cherries have toppled over the bowls and create movement in the painting. The bright colour of the fruit with light shining on some parts makes it translucent.

Still life oil painting of cherries in a glass bowl

Cherries in a Glass Bowl

For the darkest cherries, I used crimson, vermillion and a bit of ultramarine blue. For the brightest parts vermillion was mixed with cadmium yellow and white. For highlights white and lemon yellow were added to the reds.

Still life oil painting of cherries in a blue bowl

Cherries in a Blue Bowl

The blue bowl was painted using cobalt blue and later on the flowers were added.

Still life painting of cherries

Cherries in a Bone China Bowl

The white bowl was painted by adding lemon yellow to white for the lighted part and bit of crimson and ultramarine to titanium white for the shaded parts.

Still life painting of cherries

Cherries on a Plate

The shadows in an around the plate give it its shape. This is how the four paintings out together look.