Paintings for Happy Homes

The first time I took Oil Painting classes was in a small town in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in India. There was uncertainty in the province and our annual exams were postponed indefinitely. To make the most of the ample time available at hand, my parents enrolled me in to painting classes. Two of my close friends also joined. We would cycle to the painting teacher’s house together. There was a huge rectangular room where small tables were placed all along the periphery. The teacher was a young lady in her twenties with a year old baby whom she would put to sleep while she took classes.

The first day we had to draw horizontal and vertical lines free-hand on paper with pen or pencil. She explained all about oil paintings – how oil paintings last a long time, and retain their colour, why the supplies ae expensive, and that once the painting is dry we can paint even white over dark Then we had to decide which painting we wanted to paint first – Landscape, Floral, Still Life, or Portrait. Once each student decided on the genre the teacher passed around many painting reference photos and asked the students to pick a particular painting. She gave us a list of supplies that we were supposed to bring the next day. The size of the hardboard was suggested. This included the Hardboard of the suggested size to be bought from the hardware store, turpentine oil, linseed oil, colours, brushes, a palette, and rag for cleaning.

Next day armed with all the stuff we reached our class at 4 PM. The class used to be from 4P to 6PM six days a week at vey nominal fee.10 to 12 of us would be painting there each day with the instructor giving us directions periodically. She taught us how to make new colours from the 12 colours in the pack. I run out to Titanium White within the first few days. I realised that while painting white colour is used most. So I bought a big tube of titanium white.I painted the following three paintings 38 years ago in mid-teens in three months of coaching whereas both my friends were able to complete only two painting.

My first oil painting

My second oil painting

My third oil painting

None of these was a floral painting, the genre which I have been pursuing since 2011. In the past 11 years, I have painted 100s os paintings. I gifted them in initial years, As my skill improved, my paintings started selling. In 2018 I set up this wordpress site to protect the copy right of my paintings. 10 years ago I had done research social media marketing and came to know that if I put my paintings on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram then that company gets the copyright. So I upload the painting on WordPress and after that share on social media. I have integrated the social media and developed an order in which each post or page is shared.

My paintings adorn the Happy Homes of relatives, friends and generous patrons.

Still Life painting of teapot and plums by navdeep Kular

Painterly Plums

While shopping at supermarket, I look at shapes and colours of fruits. At the back of my mind, I usually think what will look good in a painting. I appreciate the glow that light generates and try to recognise shapes and patterns of different colours on the objects.

This time around, I liked the colour of plums varying from yellowish orange to red, maroon and deep purple. I picked up plums of different colours and thought that they would look good in a painting.

Then I was roaming around the house looking for other components in the composition. After painting couple of Teapot and Grapes paintings, teapot was foremost in my mind. I tried various arrangements of plums around the teapot and finally settled in for this version and painted it.

Still Life painting of teapot and plums by navdeep Kular

Still Life with Teapot and Plums

I was still not done with painting plums. The fascination with metallic objects led to this carafe for its shiny reflective surface to paint with the plums. To create movement in the painting, I rolled over two plums from the plate. I liked the garland formed by actual and virtual plums. This is what ‘Still life with Carafe and Plums’ look like.

still life oil painting of carafe and plums with the reflection of plums in the metallic surface of carafe

Still Life with Carafe and Plums

This is how the two paintings put together look.

You can view my other still life paintings here.

Hope you enjoy viewing these paintings as much as I have while painting them!

still life oil painting of lemons in a blue plate

Original Oil Paintings: Still Life with Lemons

Painting from life shows up so many colours and brings new insights in the work which are usually missing in paintings from photographs. I have tried my hand at the following lemon paintings.

The lemons have been painted using lemon, cadmium and ochre yellow. Looking down on the lemons placed in a plate with sunlight casting bright shadows of lemons and plate, I tried figuring out the colours.

Next, I placed the lemons in a glass bowl. This is my first painting of a glass bowl. In retrospect, I think I should have placed more emphasis on drawing a  proper ellipse of the rim before painting. At some places the colour of the glass bowl seemed closer to sap green, at other places it seemed to have a bluish and greyish tinge. One lemon appeared to be more greener, other one had more darker colour due to shadows falling on it.

Lemon Tea is the next painting in this sequence of lemon paintings. This has another first, my first teacup and saucer painting. The golden base of the teacup was painted using cadmium yellow, blue, white and red.This painting is also a study of the primaries with cherries added to it.

Lemon and a Creamer gave me the opportunity to observe the colours in a white creamer. How the yellows, blues and reds in small quantities added to the white make the shape of rounded objects evident. The handle of the creamer was casting a shadow on it. The painted flowers on the creamer were lightened by the sunlight.

Happy Viewing!

Himalayan landscape oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The Dhauladhars

Himalayan landscape oil painting by Navdeep Kular

The Dhauladhars

The Dhauladhar is a Himalayan mountain range which can be viewed from the province of Himachal Pradesh is India. “Dhaula” literally means white in Hindi. That is the reason why this range of snow clad mountains has been named Dhauladhar.

With this painting of Dhauladhars, I have tried my hand at landscape painting after decades. To be precise, my previous landscapes have actually been seascapes. So, this is the first green landscape to be painted after a foray into flower paintings.

The Dhauladhars with snow clad mountain range and its reflection in the lake is an original oil painting. My style is changing from realism to impressionism and I am discovering new colours on my palette. I enjoyed painting the lighted side of mountains with little lemon yellow mixed in titanium white. I also enjoyed mixing bits of greys, blues and violet in white to depict the shadow side of snow clad peaks. The winding mountain path disappearing into the forest takes the gaze towards the forest.

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the majestic Himalayas!

colourful painting with reflections in metallic bowl

Still life with artist’s reflection in a metallic bowl


colourful painting with reflections in metallic bowl

Still Life painting with artist’s reflection in a metallic bowl

Painting from life is a thrilling experience. This is the first time I have painted a metallic bowl and you can see my reflection in it.

I keep admiring things all around all the time whether travelling or at home. The petals of flowers, colours of foliage, flowers on the trees, light and dark patches of green fields, mountain ranges,  sunlit snow capped peaks and so on. The inspiration for this painting came from an unusual source.

As I was looking around the house for inspiration, I felt like painting a bowl. Painting a bowl is close to my flower vases. But which bowl to paint; a bone china one, a crystal one or a glass one? I thought that nothing would reflect better than a metallic one. I have placed fruits with flowers in couple of previous still life paintings but never painted vegetables ever. This was an experiment that I was conducting for the first time. I put together colourful vegetables available at that moment and placed everything on a yellow cutting board on my painting table. I filled up the bowl with tomatoes. Juggled around a bit to place capsicum, onion and brinjal around the bowl. Finally I was happy with my composition and started painting.

The arrangement was placed next to my palette. I was looking down on the arrangement from right hand side. Light was shining on the objects from the window on the left. There were so many reflections in the metallic bowl. I noticed so many colours in ordinary onion. It’s outer peel towards the left added another dimension to the composition. The copper bottomed bowl shows the reflections of three vegetable pieces placed around it. It also shows the reflection of yellow cutting board. I am also there. I had not thought about it before the start of the painting process, otherwise another colour could have been added to the composition with the change of dress. This being my first attempt at painting metallic bowl, I kept looking at it again and again to determine whether the colour was white, cream, dark blue, brown, black or dark green in various parts. The rim has so many colours.

This is an alla prima painting. I forgot to take the pictures before the start of painting. I took a few after I finished painting but none reflects the angle from which I was looking. I am happy with the end result. I am amazed that beauty can be found in such mundane things. The only concern is ‘How will it look on my Facebook page (Paintings by Navdeep Kular) and  Instagram feed(@navdeepkular_oilpaintings) with all the floral paintings? Should I even post it there?’ What do you say? As of now, this unique painting catches attention while drying  with floral paintings all around it.

Happy browsing!

floral painting peonies oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peony Love

peonies oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peony Love


Oil on Canvas

10H x 8W

Original peonies oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Another peony painting. I am always enamoured by the beauty and scent of peonies. Peony Love is an original oil painting in vibrant colours. It is an attempt to capture the beauty of these gorgeous flowers.


Cherry orchard in spring oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Path to Eternity

Cherry orchard in spring oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Path to Eternity

Oil on Canvas

11H x 14W

Cherry orchard in blossom oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Spring time rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. It breathes life into nature all around us. It is symbolic of newness and fresh beginnings. The freshness and fragrance of spring is hard to miss.

Path to eternity is an ode to melodies of spring through the medium of oil painting. It is an original oil painting with compelling composition of a path in a cherry blossom orchard. The newly sprouted flowers on the cherry trees add colour and life in the painting. The grass in the light and shade contrast the pink and white flowers. The arched pathway adorned with fallen petals which prompts the viewer to look through it towards the horizon is the highlight of the painting.

Happy viewing!

Daffodils Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular

Daffodils in a Blue Jug

Springtime gives an opportunity to paint different flowers. Mother earth is decorated with flowers of various colours, textures and sheens. I have been busy soaking in as much beauty of nature as possible. Spent the time admiring flowers and foliage. The different shapes and colours of leaves too intrigue me. The flowering trees add their own persona to the landscape. Tried to capture as many pictures as possible. Many memories of beautiful landscapes are embedded deep in the mind. They periodically come out in the form of paintings. I wanted to paint a blue jug and thought daffodils would go well with it. So here is the end result.

Daffodils Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular


Placed the composition by the window side on a wooden cabinet. Mixed ultramarine blue with crimson lake to paint the shadow side of the jug. For the base added a little bit of cobalt blue. With highlights and shine on the jug was able to define its roundness. Experimented with a few colours for the wooden cabinet and ultimately settled with the present one. Painted the lacy mat underneath the jug. The dark background compliments the light flowers.

Named this painting Serenity. Hope you like it.

Peonies and Blue Vases Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and the Blues

Painting is a skill in which finesse comes only through practice and hard work. It is an intrinsic knowledge which gets embedded deep inside as one progresses on the learning curve. Elementary knowledge can be gained through secondary sources regarding the tools and techniques of oil painting but the learning comes only by doing it. What colours to use, what amount to mix, which medium to add, how to apply colours, which brushes to use, impact and direction of brushstrokes; one gets better and better at it through each painting.

As I was painting flowers in a vase, I realised how much I enjoyed painting the vase. The idea to paint more than one vase in a single painting occurred at that point of time. That is how the following two paintings came into being.

Peonies and Blue Vases oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and the Blues 1

I wanted to mix the blues and experiment with different shapes of the vases. These paintings gave me ample opportunity to do so. Cobalt, ultramarine, Prussian blue were mixed with viridian hue, lemon yellow and titanium white for various vases. It was fun to paint the highlights on the vases. Once the vases were painted, I felt like painting some flowers in them. So added the peonies in one of the vases in each painting.

Peonies and Blue Vases Oil Painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and the Blues 2

The colour of the background is in contrast to those of the vases. The table and the background were painted using the same three colours i.e. crimson lake, ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow. How  the ratio of the colours in the mix can yield a vastly different end result is apparent from this study.

This is how the two paintings put together side by side look.

Happy Browsing!

floral painting Roses, Tulips and Daffodils in a Glass Vase (22H X 15W in) oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Roses, Tulips and Daffodils in a Glass Vase


Roses, tulips and daffodils have been painted in a glass vase. The two images above show how an oil painting can be transformed. More depth has been added in the painting using various tones, tints, values and hues to depict the lit and shadow areas of flowers.

The shape of some flowers has been varied to incorporate the three dimensional effect. Two of the poppies in the original painting have been transformed into tulips. The foliage has been redone. The whites of the daisies have many more colours now.

The vase has been placed on a table. The transparent glass vase and the dark wood table provide a contrast in the painting. The background colour has been changed. The colour of the table and the background is visible through the glass vase. All this has resulted in a vibrant painting.

Happy browsing!

floral painting Peonies in a Turquoise Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies in a Turquoise Vase

Peonies in a Turquoise Vase oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies in a Turquoise Vase

Oil on Canvas (14H X 11W)

Peonies with their multiple petals are fun to paint. Painting one turquoise vase was not enough for me, so I painted these peonies in one.

Peonies in a Turquoise Vase is an original oil painting. Peonies have been placed in such a manner that each flower is tilted at a different angle. Dark wood table contrasts the light background.

The mixing of crimson lake, ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow leads to many colours and I keep experimenting with them. The different wood colours ranging from yellowish to fawn to light brown to blackish brown, can all be obtained by the use of primary colours. Also painting the shadows is as much fun as painting the highlights. The variation of values in the shadows leads to three dimensional effect. The negative painting sharpens the edges.

Happy Browsing!

red roses in a turquoise vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Still Life with Red Roses


red roses in a turquoise vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Red Roses in a Turquoise Vase

Another painting of red roses. Red roses in a turquoise vase is an original oil painting. The central focal point of this painting is the highlight on turquoise vase on the right. I like the gloss on the vase in this painting. I tried to achieve asymmetrical balance in this composition by placing a big vase on the right and balancing it with a bowl of fruits on the left. The colours red and orange are close to each other on the colour wheel, still I have experimented with placing them together.

Enjoyed painting the folds of white curtain in the background. I painted the window with adding whites, greys and little bit of brown to warm it up. I rarely use paint directly from the tube. It is too much fun mixing the basic colours and generating innumerable hues with them. The iris flowers in the wall hangings have been painted with blurred edges. The background colour was mixed using viridian hue with lemon yellow and lit bit of titanium white.

Happy Browsing!

floral painting Peony Garden 1 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (11H X 14W)

Peony Garden

While walking down the street one day in Halifax, I noticed white peonies blooming in all their glory. The landscape was so beautiful that I kept on admiring it for a while. The urge to capture the moment overtook me. The source pictures resulted in the following two paintings.

Peony Garden 1 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (11H X 14W)

Peony Garden 1

Peony Garden 2 original oil painting by Navdeep Kular (11H X 14W)

Peony Garden 2

I am indebted to family and friends who fulfil my requests for taking pictures of flowers all the time. The pictures of flowers serve as useful study material. The paintings are never the exact replica of photographs.

I always wonder at the diversity of flora and fauna. How best things in nature are there for all of us to see and appreciate. In the humdrum of daily life, we are always short of time to take a pause and soak it all in.

Happy Browsing!

floral painting Peonies and Roses in a Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and Roses in a Vase


Peonies and Roses in a Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and Roses in a Vase

Flowers from special occasion always prompt me to record them in the form of an oil painting. These flowers are from a grand reception party. The bouquets were heavenly with rose buds and pink peonies arranged in a pleasing manner. I kept on admiring the flowers the entire evening. While the guests were saying their goodbyes, I was going around the tables and clicking as many angles as possible of elegant bouquets placed as centrepieces.

After months, I sat down to paint the reception  bouquet. The painting is not exact replica of that flower arrangement. In the reception bouquet, the vases were barely visible on the tables as the foliage was almost touching the table. As I have been painting vases in the recent past, in my eagerness to paint the vase, I have lifted the bouquet up a bit.

This painting has turned out to be a bright one with the darkest darks placed against the lightest lights.