#59 A Pair of Poppies 1(18H X 12W in)

floral painting original oil painting of A Pair of Poppies by Navdeep Kular

A Pair of Poppies 1

Oil on Canvas
18H X 12Win
Original oil painting by Navdeep Kular
A Pair of Poppies1 has two poppy flowers where the depth of the flowers has been well defined through mix of vermillion hue, crimson lake, cadmium yellow and flake white. The orange and pink hues on the lower flower gives us combination of colours that exist in nature. The cupped flower causes shadows on it own petals and the effect has been well recorded. The surrounding flowers act as eye magnets and bring the focus back to the main flowers. The background’s colour is complimentary and the wavy effect is visible.

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