#58 Rose Vine (18H X 12W in)

floral painting Pink Roses in a Rose Bush original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Rose Vine 1

Oil on Canvas
18H X 12Win
Original oil painting by Navdeep Kular
The rose vine with roses laden all over depicts abundance of nature. The English roses have soft petals and glow like diamonds on a sunny day. This painting has an appealing one-three-four-four-one roses composition. The slight tilt towards the right of the roses adds drama to the composition.
The multi layered roses blossom with all their beauty. Many petals shine in the sun and become almost translucent. The roses are surrounded with leaves, big and small, all around in different directions. Varying colours of green in different layers provide the thick foliage and give three dimensional look. The roses become more prominent with the highlighting of few leaves. The textured cream panels of the background contrast the dark green foliage. The worn out panels give the artist an opportunity to play around with colours. The settings provides rustic charm and blends with nature.

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