# Peonies and Roses in a Vase

floral painting Peonies and Roses in a Vase original oil painting by Navdeep Kular

Peonies and Roses in a Vase

Oil on Canvas
(11H X 14W)
Original oil painting by Navdeep Kular
Flowers from special occasion always prompt me to record them in the form of an oil painting. These flowers are from a grand reception party. The bouquets were heavenly with rose buds and pink peonies arranged in a pleasing manner. I kept on admiring the flowers the entire evening. While the guests were saying their goodbyes, I was going around the tables and clicking as many angles as possible of elegant bouquets placed as centrepieces.
After months, I sat down to paint the reception bouquet. The painting is not exact replica of that flower arrangement. In the reception bouquet, the vases were barely visible on the tables as the foliage was almost touching the table. As I have been painting vases in the recent past, in my eagerness to paint the vase, I have lifted the bouquet up a bit.
This painting has turned out to be a bright one with the darkest darks placed against the lightest lights.

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